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A lab assistant uses a pipette to prepare Coronavirus RNA for sequencing. File

COVID-19 surge | ‘INSACOG shared analysis on new strains with government’

Special Correspondent

Question Corner: What makes chocolate smell musty and mouldy?

Medical oxygen cylinders arrived for COVID-19 patients, at Shahnai Banquet Hall Covid Isolation Centre in New Delhi on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

Scientists see flaws in govt-backed model's approach to forecast pandemic

Jacob Koshy

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Sauropod skeleton. Image for representational purposes only

100 million-year-old bones of sauropods discovered in Meghalaya

People aged between 18 and 45 getting vaccinated at Apollo vaccination centre in Chennai

Single COVID-19 vaccine dose boosts protection in previously infected: study

IICT chief S. Chandrasekhar with Bharat Biotech CMD Krishna Ella recently.

COVID second wave affects trial of new drugs

V. Geetanath

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