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* This map is not a geographical representation of the Union territory of Puducherry.
AINRC founder N. Rangasamy on Monday handed over the letter of support of his party MLAs and BJP to the Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan at the Raj Nivas, staking claim to form the next government in Puducherry

Rangasamy likely to be sworn in as Puducherry CM on May 7 or 9

Rajesh B Nair
Pre-poll desertions and the absence of a Chief Ministerial candidate led to the Congress’s debacle.

Congress, AIADMK face worst-ever defeat

Rajesh B. Nair
Proof of win: State BJP leader A. Namassivayam receiving the victory certificate in Puducherry on May 2, 2021.

Rangasamy to return as Chief Minister

Rajesh B. Nair

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